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Interactive binders are your children’s best buddies as they help them develop life skills, quench their curiosity, and increase their creativity.

Two to three years of age is when children start relating to their environment, trying to make sense of everything around them.

Sometimes children surprise us with things they know and the way they communicate. For growing children, the ability to communicate is essential.

As children grow, their view of the world grows with them too. Keeping that in mind, we designed this Level 3 Interactive binder, especially for children between 4 and 5 years.

Our Products

As the children’s brains are flexible at the early age, the right kind of foundation is necessary for a life filled with joy and growth.

"The beginners bundle" improve their fine motor skills and other developmental milestones.

16 in one activity binder is a bundle of joy that will help your child to improve their logical and visual skills.

Why Choose Us?

Thoughtfully Designed by Expert Educationists.
Age Appropriate Binders On Different Themes & Topics Available.
Made from high-quality laminated paper with 350 GSM technology.
100+ Hard Bound Velcro Intact Cutouts With Each Binder.
A separate Velcro Patch on backside of each page to stick the cutouts once done- Hassle Free Management.
Reusable, Splash-Free & Toddler Friendly.
Comes in a handy size making it a perfect travel friendly play partner.
Bright colors and catchy pictures makes learning a fun experience.
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